Have you used Beyond the Mesas in your class?

One of the reasons the film producers created Beyond the Mesas was to provide a teaching tool for instructors to use in the classroom. Have you shown BTM in your class? If so, how did your students respond? What questions did the film evoke? What did your students like or dislike about the film? Did you show this film in conjunction with reading assignments (articles, books, etc.)? I remember in 2006, I showed the film to a group of college students, and one of the non-Native students in the audience said to me: “Your film seems really biased,” and I responded, “You’re right, there is a definite Hopi bias to the film.” Of course, this student was not referring to a Hopi bias per se, but he was having a difficult time understanding why several of the people in the film had positive things to say about their time at off-reservation Indian boarding schools.

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