“Navajo Truth – STOP SB 2109” A group worth following on Facebook

This morning I want to direct your attention to a Facebook group called “Navajo Truth – STOP SB 2109.” It’s a group that I regularly follow (even though I’m not officially on FB) to get updated information on the proposed legislation. If you have a minute, head over to their page and join the conversation. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in this topic. Here’s  the description about the group from their page: “Working to ensure accountability and transparency for the Navajo Nation. Calling our people and friends to ACTION.”

One thought on ““Navajo Truth – STOP SB 2109” A group worth following on Facebook

  1. A Pueblo Woman of the Toad Clan

    Thank you for your posts. It’s nice to see people coming together for a common cause and learning more about the intricacies of politics and its impact on tribal people. Education and transparency on issues is crucial to our future. Decisions made for one tribe generally affects other tribes, so I hope other tribes are following this progress.

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