7 thoughts on “Run Hopi to air today on ESPN SportsCenter, 10AM and 11PM Eastern Time

  1. theron w reece

    I had the extreme pleasure of knowing phillip zeyouma, a Hopi runner for a long time, a wonderful man, his family are very proud of being Hopi. Theron Reece

    1. Thanks, Theron, for your comment about Philip Zeyouma. In my interview with ESPN, I talked at length about Zeyouma. It’s possible that some of that material will make its way into the 30 min version of Run Hopi (to air this FRIDAY July 29, 2016, ESPN2).

      1. theron w reece

        Thank you Matthew for taking the time to answer my comment. Again, this was a very wonderful man whom I would sit and listen to his life stories and never lost interest.
        A very remarkable individual and so proud of his heritage.
        We will be glued to the event on ESPN. Theron

    2. Mattias Perez

      I never met him but he is my great great grandfather and I just admire him knowing that he could’ve went to the Olympics my grandpa tells me the stories that he told him about the races and how when they saw a coyote while they were running they said look it’s a witch.

      1. theron w. reece

        that is amazing that phillip is your great great grandfather, he was and to me, still is a great man. he certainly was a kind man and generous with his stories and past times. it was a beautiful experience to know him, how lucky for you. thank you and keep up your wonderful work. theron

  2. Warren Woo

    I was moved and impressed by the stories in the 15-min video. I missed the 30-min version on ESPN…would you know where I can find it? Thank you.

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