Two years of blogging

When I started in November 2009, I told myself that I would blog for six months. After that, I would reevaluate whether I wanted to continue.

More than two years later, the blog has received 31,612 “hits” and 180 comments. While some bloggers receive this many hits in one week (or one day), I am grateful to know that a handful of people find useful and perhaps even interesting.

At the very least, the blog provides an alternative to the many bizarre websites out there on the Hopi.

The most popular posts continue to be on Hopi runners and photography.  This year, the posts on the Hopi and Navajo water rights issue received a lot of attention.

Many thanks to people back home and those beyond the mesas who dropped by this past year to read my blog. I look forward to another productive year of blogging in 2012.

Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert

4 thoughts on “Two years of blogging

  1. Jeanell Timmons

    Thank you for continuing your blog that informs us about both the past and the present. Like your daughter, I too am learning about the Hopi. My heritage is Welsh/Eng/ European, and I am very grateful for your writings and the many resources you have made available.

    I am currently combing through “The Oraibi Split” for genealogical info for the family trees of nieces and nephews. They are descendants of Charles Tuwahoeoma FREDERICK(S) son of Talasquaptewa and PONGYANIMSE, sister of LOLOMA. and Anna Tuvengayumse daughter of < QOYAWAYMA and SEVENCA. Thank you for making me aware of this wonderful resource.

    I would be happy to share data with others researching these families.

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