S.B 2109 and Potential Implications for Hopi

Please see below Benjamin H. Nuvamsa’s very informative PowerPoint presentation on the potential (negative) implications of S.B. 2109 for Hopi. Nuvamsa gave this presentation on March 12, 2012, out at First Mesa. Earlier today, two readers of my blog asked what they could do to help with Hopi attempts to prevent the passage of S.B. 2109. HELP SPREAD THE WORD. Let people know what’s going on. Also, many thanks to those readers who have already circulated my posts on S.B. 2109 via email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Every bit helps.

Click to download PDF (45 pages)

4 thoughts on “S.B 2109 and Potential Implications for Hopi

  1. Excellent power point and I wished I could have heard Benjamin H. Nuvamsa’s actual presentation. Photographic images presented along with very substantial power point text are unique, powerful, and a gift. Everyone should make an effort to get this issue in front of their State Congressional delegation.

    1. Dorothy R. Yazzie

      Hello from Navajo.
      I attended a meeting on Senate Bill 2109 on 3-29-12 at Hard Rock Chapter area. We watch the power point presented by Mr. Nuvamsa. Is there a way to get the Power Point? I thought it was very well prepared and I thought we could use as a resource our need. Thank you very much. Dorothy R. Yazzie, dryazzie1@yahoo.com.

  2. Pingback: Call to Action: Senate Bill S.2109 to Force Navajo/Hopi to Give Resources to Private Energy Interests at Risk to Their Own Health | Apres Rain Arroyo

  3. Dorothy R. Yazzie

    I want to know what the Hopi Nation’s position is now on the Little Colorado Water Rights Settlement when they met with Mr. Salazar on 11-14-12. Would someone put on this website?

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