I recently returned from attending the Native American & Indigenous Studies Association conference at Mohegan Sun and Resort. Mohegan Sun is a tribally owned and operated hotel and casino in Uncasville, CT.

The day after I arrived at the hotel I stopped by the Concierge and asked about running paths in the area. The woman behind the desk told me that people were not permitted to run on the roads near the hotel.

She said that if security saw me running outside, they would drive after me, put me in the car, and take me back.

It sounded like fun. But I quickly came to the conclusion that hotel security had better things to do than chase after running Hopis.

Still, I  wonder how long it would have taken the hotel police to catch up with me? Probably not very long.

Officials at Mohegan Sun are not against running. They put the “NO RUNNING” rule in place to protect their guests. According to the Concierge, several runners have been hit by cars, and many of these incidents have been “hit and runs.”

Nevertheless, I found it ironic that I was staying at a hotel on an Indian reservation and not allowed to run outside. But again, they had good reasons for their running policy.

After my conversation with the Concierge, I made my way to the hotel rec room and reluctantly got on a treadmill.

I don’t like running on treadmills.

I wanted to be outside dodging cars and attempting to outrun the police. Instead I was stuck on a machine, watching court t.v., and feeling very little sense of accomplishment.

4 thoughts on “NO RUNNING ALLOWED

  1. That really is an interesting policy, especially since there is such a strong running tradition among indigenous groups. I’m a runner, and usually I just get a blank stare and they point me to a “creek path” when I ask at hotels. You could always look on MapMyRun or some similar site to see if anything is around.

    1. Thanks, Peter, for taking the time to comment on my blog! Yes, it’s a very interesting policy. The hotel/casino is on the bank of the Thames River. I thought for sure I would find a path near the river….but I never made it out the front door! Also, I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your website ( – it’s a great resource – and glad to find you on Twitter (!/indigenousissue).

  2. Stayed there before. The setting is beautiful. Good to know if we ever go again as my husband is an avid runner. The setting is beautiful and I could see how it would be a temptation. I wonder what people who don’t inquire with the front desk think when they casually go out for a run only to be chased down by security.

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