One thought on “A Meeting to Address Tribal Water, Coal, Environment, Cultural and Economic Issues Affecting Hopi Tribe & Navajo Nation – August 20, 2011

  1. Deb TwoToes


    Even though I live on the East side of the country, and will not be immediately impacted by any decisions going on in the West, I would still like to voice a few concerns.

    Rumor has it that most of the water and mineral rights out in the West are being bought up by foreign interests.
    Due to the significant amount of mining that has been done out West, and which still continues to go on to this day, a good part of the drinking water now contains high levels of heavy metals, poisons, etc.
    Pipes are being laid, to bring treated drinking water to the people. Water treated with poisons (i.e., fluoride, chlorine) to make it fit (?) to drink.

    When you gather your facts, in order to make the big decisions facing you in the future….I would hope that you keep in mind who you are getting your information from.

    For Example:
    More than likely you will contact ‘experts’ in the field, and receive much input. These ‘experts’ have degrees from the same Universities that the ‘experts’ who put fluoride in our drinking water graduated from. More of these ‘experts’ who now work for the FDA, and last year came out publicly and admitted that fluoride is poison and the maximun amount that had been allowed these past 50 years, was too much, and immediately reduced the level. We are still being poisoned, but on a much smaller scale. (?)

    Good luck with your quest. May wisdom be given to you in all your decisions, for your decisions will also effect your relations on the East. For whatever effects Mother Earth, effects us all.


    Deb TwoToes

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