Former Navajo Nation President Peter MacDonald on SB 2109

[UPDATE April 12, 2012: For a reason unknown to me, “This video has been removed by the user.” I’ve looked around on-line, but I’m unable to find the video through a different source. If anyone comes across the video, please let me know in the “Comments” section of this post]

20 thoughts on “Former Navajo Nation President Peter MacDonald on SB 2109

  1. SB 2109

    Former Navajo President Peter MCDonald, like former Hopi tribal chairmen, speaks clearly and in personal fashion. His comment that even if SP 2109 happened and a “promised” delivered water source, e.g. canal, was built to deliver water, that according to the way law is written, the flow of water would still be controlled by the federal government.

    Also the Navajo leaders comment to encourage people to contact EASTERN REPRESENTATIVES in Congress on SP 2109 is important. Namely that western delegations in Congress have too much of their own historic interest in controlling the outcome from a non-tribal point of view. Or, as McDonald said in so many words they have taken the sheep, the land, and what would one expect about taking “water”.

    Perter McDonald’s most salient comment about SB 2109 is – “The amount of money they are going to pay for life should not be a consideration.”

  2. Flo

    I completely agree that SB 2109 should be given any consideration from the Navajo and Hopi Tribes. It completely undermines tribal sovereignty and shows that there has been limited progress since the signing of the original treaties from the 1800’s. As tribal people we need to take to educate ourselves. Take the time to read the fine print in the proposed legislation and see that there are several “out” clauses, so while the promises are made to make improvements, really there are no intentions to carry out those promises. Tribal people should know from history that making a deal like this is making a deal with the devil. McCain and Kyl are pushing this legislation in support of coorporations. We need to stand in solidarity and advocate to our leaders across the country….”We will not give up our water rights!!!!”

  3. Ange

    the poster of the video stated this in his statement about the video…

    Dear Friends, The McDonald Family has asked that I remove the speech for fear that harm will come to him. I must respect their wishes. Thank you for understanding.

    1. Ange

      yourstorydigital via youtube posted a comment 12 hours ago
      Dear Friends, The McDonald Family has asked that I remove the speech for fear that harm will come to him. I must respect their wishes. Thank you for understanding.

    2. Tropix Knight

      But it is the truth. I wanted to show it to my “White” friends so they can have a better understanding. No one could paint a more vivid picture with words.

  4. Michele

    Of course, we (Navajos) have no one who will speak for our people and mother earth. Our so called leaders (Ben Shelley, McDonald, etc) are just sheep…even worse than sheep…they are their own cowardly species…scared to take risks for their own people and mother earth’s gifts…I’m afraid that our generation and the younger generation will have to take action and correct the errors of our so called leaders. Our elders are leaving it up to us to use the knowledge that they have passed down to us…it is time to take action and remind these politicians who controls them…Dineh (the people).

  5. Shanen

    If there is a petition to sign so that these politicians can feel the pressure from those of us feeling you have been cheated and ‘bamboozled’ by them, please attach a link. I’ll sign it and post it on facebook for others to sign. You might go through or, as well…get the word out so the politico’s can feel the anger of this transaction.

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